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Owner’s Biography

Meet the master plumber of Plumbing Method – Cori Hunter. Cori has the mind and hands of a mechanical engineer. He pursued a college degree in engineering and worked in the medical field as an EMT prior to starting his plumbing career over 15 years ago. Known for his exceptional skill level and work ethics, Cori has built a remarkable reputation within the trade as a trusted professional. He has amassed hundreds of five star reviews and positive testimonials over the years from his customers.


Cory at Plumbing Method

 Cori has always been a standout in his career endeavors. At the tender age of 16, he had his first experience of working for the American Railroad Co. and joined the Electrician Union which allowed him to get a head start over most of his peers. He began his career as a plumber working from the bottom up as an apprentice, learning from the best at large plumbing companies such as Option One, All-Pro, and All-Star Plumbing. Over the years, his drive for continuous professional development and becoming the best at his trade has enabled him to build a level of expertise that is second to none. He is extremely ambitious and determined to constantly expand his knowledge and skillset to further help his customers for generations to come. He stays updated on utilization of the most advanced technology of parts, equipment and tools to stay current on training, safety codes, and certifications required of the trade. Now that Cori has devoted half his life to his career, he is capable of providing a wide array of skilled plumbing services that others can’t. He never stays complacent and truly wants to make a difference. He’s willing to put in the work and make sacrifices when others are not. Cori has made himself available to his customers late at night, seven days a week since the start of his career.

At Work 

 At work, Cori is methodical, detail-oriented, creative and a natural problem-solver. He always sets high expectations for himself and those around him. He never cuts corners and upholds quality standards to continuously deliver exceptional results. He believes in the principle of doing things the right way and stands behind his work. Cori values building long-term relationships over short term gains.  His signature motto is “The buck stops here.” representing his remarkable responsibility to his customers and confidence as a problem solver. Beyond his leadership qualities, Cori is passionate about adding value to customers lives. After noticing a lack of care and expertise others had to offer, he decided to start his own business. He aimed to fill a void in the current plumbing sector in demand of quality plumbers that can handle both small meticulous repairs to bigger plumbing construction projects such as sewer, septic tank installation, re-piping and reading blue print plans for new construction.


 By nature, Cori is honest, reliable, hard-working, and detail-oriented. He lives a healthy and active lifestyle, and stays fit for the demanding physical requirements of the trade. This amount of dedication and discipline is very rare to find in a service professional. He is a compassionate and caring family man who puts his all into his work and goes above and beyond to help others. Cori comes from a family lineage of contractors and engineers. His grandfather was the greatest influence in his life growing up and instilled good manners and respect in him. Cori has a soft spot for the elderly because of his close relationship with his grandfather. In Cori, you’ll find a trustworthy, dependable, All-American Christian, Southern California native with a lot of integrity and heart. His personal hobbies include mountain biking, ice hockey, dirt bike racing, camping, playing the guitar and drums. He is enthusiastic to learn about other cultures and wants to travel as much as he can. Cori’s ultimate goal in life is to have a big family and volunteer to help build plumbing systems all over the world for the less privileged. 

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