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$79 Drain Clearing Special

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Keeping your drains clean is an important part of home care. Drains eventually clog up, causing inconvenience and long-term damage to other pipes. It is imperative to have clogs removed when they happen. It is also essential to maintain clean drains and take a proactive approach to prevent future clogs. At Plumbing Method, we are proud to announce our best deal yet on this essential drain service: get a complete drain clearing service for your home for the low price of just $79!

Take advantage of this outstanding value for your drains by calling Plumbing Method at (844) 529-7473 and schedule your $79 Drain Clearing today!

Here’s how it works. When you call us, we’ll come to your home and remove the clog from your drain and make sure it flows smoothly again. We will then run a camera into your drain line and take a look at what caused the clog. If we spot any signs that the clog may re-form in the near future, we will provide you with options to take in order to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again. No other service provider gives you as complete of a picture for as low of a price as our drain clearing special!

Terms and Conditions

$79 drain clearing special includes clearing service for one drain “per clog” in your home. Additional charges will apply for additional drains which need serviced in the same appointment. All drains must have an accessible cleanout in order to qualify. Any roof or fixture access necessary to complete a clog removal may result in extra charges. Toilet removal not included. This offer is not valid for commercial customers. Offer is only valid during normal business hours for residential customers.
$79 Plumbing Method Discount Special

You name it, we can repair, install or replace it!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. This protects you and your home, and instills your confidence in our team.

We also offer affordable financing to complete your work.   

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With over 20 years of experience, we are seasoned professionals, trained by the best and licensed by The Contractors State Board (CSLB) Of California.

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You need a company that offers professional work, decades of experience, and top-notch customer service. We’ve handled all sorts of situations over the past 20 years, from the typical to the totally unusual. Let us show you the difference our experience can make.


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I would highly recommend using Plumbing Method. They provided same-day service, and their two technicians (Marcelo & Anthony) we’re both professional and polite! They installed my new faucet & even cleaned the dishes in my sink before they left! Highly recommended!

Jordan S.


Cory and his partner are good guys. They replaced my garbage disposal at a good price and gave me the wrench to fix a stuck motor next time. That’s something plumbers don’t usually do. Above and beyond service. Thank you!

Richard L.


Shane and Cori came out for a plumbing issue and they were very professional and honest. I will be referring this company to my friends and family for any future plumbing.

Victoria G.



Gas Line Repair & Installation Company in Highland California

Gas Leak Detection & Detector Service

Broken Gas Pipe and Lines

Gas Line Reroute

Pipe Reroute

Stove Gas Line

Plumbing Method: Comprehensive Gas Line Services

Is the gas pipeline at home a threat to your loved ones? Call Plumbing Approach to are aware of the answer immediately. We can easily inspect your home’s gas line for leaks and repair them immediately. Delaying the repairs can result in a catastrophe. You may prevent that by hiring us to detect the leak.

Causes of gas line leaks

You can’t usually start to see the gas lines in your house mainly because they remain behind the walls. A gas leak will emit a foul smell that notifys you in regards to the leak. But what may cause these leaks to begin with? Here are some reasons:

• Renovation in your house might need the contractor to get rid of down a few walls. The workers may unknowingly hit a gas pipe that leads to a small leak. This leak will keep growing when you don’t repair it over time.

• Corrosion is yet another good reason why your gas line could have a leak. Rust deposited in the pipeline’s surface for several years causes the pipe to use away as time passes. A few leaks may crop up as a result of corrosion.

• Sometimes, the seals across the pipelines will not be too tight. Maybe the last company left it just a little loose. And also the seals became weaker as time passes and ultimately started leaking gas.

We could detect these issues and correct them to prevent any disaster from taking place in your own home.

Gas line leak detection

It is prudent to examine gas lines frequently to detect leaks or another problems. Our company is experts at detecting gas line leaks. Here’s the way you work:

1. Traditional leak detection method

We use both traditional and modern leak detection techniques to identify the positioning of the leak. First of all, we turn off the power supply to your residence. Switching on the light or fan amidst a gas leak can cause a fatal explosion.

Next, we create a soap and water strategy to test the gas lines. We apply the perfect solution towards the areas where we think there’s a leak. We turn the gas on and look for bubbles. The development of bubbles suggests that you will discover a leak.

2. Modern leak detection method

The traditional method is effective but time-consuming. We utilize the traditional method where we think there’s simply a small leak. Our experience allows us to identify the visible difference between a minor and major leak, and that we accordingly use the detection methods. The modern leak detection technique involves using electronic sensors. These sensors scan the complete gas pipeline and give a precise result of the leak’s location.

Gas line leak repair

This stage starts once we finish detecting the problematic areas. Sometimes, it’s the sealant inside the pipe joints that require replacing or even the cracks inside the pipe need immediate fixing. We don’t back clear of challenges, regardless how big the leak is. Our technicians apply their skills, knowledge, and experience to handle gas line leaks efficiently. They use the most recent machines to ensure no leaks exist before they come out of your property.

We train our technicians to perform multiple tests after repairing your gas line. This assists eliminate any hazards of leaving a number of leaks that we didn’t focus on. We may also replace damaged pipes if they are beyond repair. But we always ask your permission before doing anything. We feel that you should understand the steps we have been taking to repair your gas line.

New gas line installation

Besides detecting leaks and fixing them, we install new gas lines in your home. If you would like one more line or replace the existing gas line entirely, we may help you put everything in place as quickly as possible.

If you ever need any help regarding gas lines, don’t think again before calling Plumbing Method. Our prompt customer care will answer your queries and set up up a consultation date based on your convenience.

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