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Keeping your drains clean is an important part of home care. Drains eventually clog up, causing inconvenience and long-term damage to other pipes. It is imperative to have clogs removed when they happen. It is also essential to maintain clean drains and take a proactive approach to prevent future clogs. At Plumbing Method, we are proud to announce our best deal yet on this essential drain service: get a complete drain clearing service for your home for the low price of just $79!

Take advantage of this outstanding value for your drains by calling Plumbing Method at (844) 529-7473 and schedule your $79 Drain Clearing today!

Here’s how it works. When you call us, we’ll come to your home and remove the clog from your drain and make sure it flows smoothly again. We will then run a camera into your drain line and take a look at what caused the clog. If we spot any signs that the clog may re-form in the near future, we will provide you with options to take in order to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again. No other service provider gives you as complete of a picture for as low of a price as our drain clearing special!

Terms and Conditions

$79 drain clearing special includes clearing service for one drain “per clog” in your home. Additional charges will apply for additional drains which need serviced in the same appointment. All drains must have an accessible cleanout in order to qualify. Any roof or fixture access necessary to complete a clog removal may result in extra charges. Toilet removal not included. This offer is not valid for commercial customers. Offer is only valid during normal business hours for residential customers.
$79 Plumbing Method Discount Special

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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. This protects you and your home, and instills your confidence in our team.

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I would highly recommend using Plumbing Method. They provided same-day service, and their two technicians (Marcelo & Anthony) we’re both professional and polite! They installed my new faucet & even cleaned the dishes in my sink before they left! Highly recommended!

Jordan S.


Cory and his partner are good guys. They replaced my garbage disposal at a good price and gave me the wrench to fix a stuck motor next time. That’s something plumbers don’t usually do. Above and beyond service. Thank you!

Richard L.


Shane and Cori came out for a plumbing issue and they were very professional and honest. I will be referring this company to my friends and family for any future plumbing.

Victoria G.



Water Heater Repair Installation and Replacement in Brea California

Tankless Water Heater

499,000 BTU Water Heater




Fix Damaged Water Heater Inspection

Info on Water Heater Repair, Installation, Inspection and Replacement. Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Your hot water heater is actually a work horse within your house. It means that you can have very hot water in your house 24 hours a day. Because the water heater ages, problems will start to develop. Indications of problems can include water not getting as hot mainly because it should, a drop in boiling water pressure, or no hot water coming out by any means. When you notice problems, you ought to contact an reputable water heater service to identify the trouble and give an answer.

Another sign of a problem with your hot water heater is when the new water originates out having a rusty color. This can be a indication of corrosion of your own water heater. This kind of problem might require your hot water heater to be replaced if this challenge continues, it can result in water heater bursting, which can cause serious flooding damage within your house. A hot water heater expert can inspect the issue and recommend an alternative.

Should your very hot water fails to feel hot enough, or if you see that the water heating bill has gone up, your water heater may not be performing at its optimal efficiency. Our technician can examine your water heater and determine what the catch is. If the unit could be repaired, we gives you a description about what should be done so that you can correct the trouble. If the heater is older, it may be more economical to get it replaced. The technician can provide you with various options and recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

All water heaters use a lifespan. After it is time to replace the existing unit, a common solution is to replace it with a tankless water heater. There are lots of benefits of this technique. First, water is heated on demand. You never have to worry about not having enough hot water because someone took an extremely long, hot shower The liquid is heated when it is used. Because the water is just not preheated, you may not waste energy in order to keep unused water within the tank heated all day and night. This implies lower energy cost on a monthly basis. The other advantage is that because this system will not utilize a tank, you do not have perils of an older tank springing a leak. A tankless system lacks the typical issues that an old hot water heater experiences since it gets older.

In order to convert your old water heating system to some tankless hot water heater, Plumbing Method is capable of doing anything from removing your old water heater tank to installing your new system. The technician will instruct yourself on exactly how the system works and provide ongoing support if you have questions.

Technicians at Plumbing Method are familiar with numerous water heater issues. They could look at the problem and pinpoint precisely what the cause is. According to the scope of the problem and age your hot water heater, they can see whether the more effective solution is to mend or replace. They are going to explain the pros and cons and allow you to reach the best informed decision for your requirements.

The business has over two decades of expertise serving customers in Los Angeles. They take pride in the superb service that they provide their clients. Their focus is 100 % client satisfaction, so you can be assured that you always obtain the highest degree of professional service from them.

In case you have problems with your hot water heater, do not wait. Waiting is only going to let the problem to get worse. Contact Plumbing Way of a consultation. They can assist you get the best solution in water heating which will fit the requirements your loved ones.

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